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Reserve The Clubhouse

Forest City Y members can reserve the Clubhouse 2 weeks in advance at a rate of $20 an hour with a 4 hour limit.  Reservations can be made online, by calling the Y at 641-585-5220, or at our front desk.  Please stop by our front desk to pay your reservation fee prior to your reservation time. Non-members are required to purchase day pass to the Y.

It typically takes a twosome about 3 hours to play 18.  A twosome playing best ball can play 9 in about an hour depending on the course.  Game time does vary considerably by course so we ask that you finish your round promptly by the end of your reserved time so the next guests can start on time.

Virtual Golf At Its Finest

Experience full-size, true-to-life golf simulation with unprecedented accuracy and reliability on a giant 12 by 8 foot screen. From range practice, to high definition games on 15 world class golf courses, to skill games and more, experience the very best in indoor simulated golf.

Our Clubhouse is outfitted with Foresight Sport’s Albatross golf simulator with the industry leading GCHawk overhead mounted launch monitor. The GCHawk hitting zone is HUGE at 52×30 inches and automatically reads for right and left handed golfers without the hassle of moving equipment.

Are you interested in fine tuning your game? Now you can get full slow motion replay of your swings at 120 fps. Additionally, the GCHawk provides professional grade analysis tools that give you highly accurate data such as:


• Smash Factor

• Ball Speed

• Angle of Attack

• Total Spin

• Club Path

• Spin Axis

• Loft at Impact

• Carry Distance

• Lie & Face Angle at Impact

• Impact Location On Club Face

*Requires The Purchase Of Club Face Markers (Available At The Front Desk For Purchase.)

The Albatross is powered by Foresight Sports true-to-life golf simulation software FSX 2020, Play full rounds of golf at worlds best and most exclusive courses, practice your skills on the range or specific holes, or compete in skill building competitions with players from around the world-all in beautiful 4K resolution. When you are done, save data from every session to the cloud for your review later.

Want to spice up your golf game? Try out Fairgrounds, our suite of family-friendly mini-games. Fairgrounds features your favorite classic games like skee ball, bowling, and darts, re-imagined for players of all golf skill levels to enjoy.

Indoor Cycling Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Do you miss your bike during those long, cold, winter months? NEVER AGAIN!!! Our Clubhouse is outfitted with 5 Wahoo Kickr Snap smart trainers. Cast your favorite training software to our 12×8’ screen and get the ultimate indoor riding experience.

  • Quick Set Up: The Wheel-On Design 
    stationary bike trainerMakes It Quick And Easy To Turn Your Road, Mountain, Or TT Bike Into A Powerful Indoor Smart Trainer.
  • Controlled Resistance: When Connected To Your Smartphone, Tablet Or Computer, KICKR SNAP Automatically Sets Your Resistance Via Your Favorite App Such As Zwift, Trainer Road, SYSTM, BKool, RGT Cycling, And More.
  • Realistic Ride Feel: The KICKR SNAP Flywheel Is Innovative And Proven Technology That Emulates The Power And Inertia Experienced During Outdoor Riding. It Provides The Most Realistic Ride Feel Especially When Using Virtual Riding/Training Platforms.
  • Grade Simulation: The Resistance Of The KICKR SNAP Automatically Adjusts To Simulate Climbs Up To A 12% Incline.
  • Critical Ride Metrics: Get Realtime Speed, Distance, And Power On Every Ride. Use Your FTP To Dial In Those Perfect Workouts And Adjust Difficulty On The Fly.
  • Connectivity: Kickr Snaps Are Both Bluetooth And Ant Compatible. Cast Your Favorite Cycling App Directly From Your Phone Or From The Computer.

Virtual Gaming

Coming soon…