UFC 90 is the ULTIMATE adventure in fitness. Unlike most fitness challenges, UFC 90 will provide you with EVERYTHING you need to crush your goals including strength training, cardio, meal plans designed by registered dietitians, and a community to help you stay on track. Best of all, you will be able to access everything right from your phone!


All workouts were designed by our very own Director of Programs Tony Reynolds.  Not only are they creative and fun, but they are all progressive in nature so their intensity and volume build from week to week. This progressive overload will help keep you challenged, motivated, and moving in the right direction.


UFC 90 is a 12-week challenge consisting of three phases:



Basecamp consists of 20 workouts spread over the first 4 weeks. Each week you will have access to 3 strength training workouts and 2 cardio workouts. There is a slight increase in intensity week to week as you build your general fitness.



There is a total of 24 progressive workouts in this phase with 3 strength training and 3 cardio workouts per week. The ultimate goal of this phase is to improve cardiovascular fitness so expect some elevated heart rates as you work out. 

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The Summit is the icing on the cake! This phase is also 4 weeks long but consists of 28 workouts including 4 strength training sessions and 3 cardio sessions each week. Like the other phases, intensity increases week to week throughout this phase. 


You can access your workouts on your mobile device through our Trainerize App. Here is how: After you are registered for UFC 90, we will enter your email address in the system and email you a link so you can get your Trainerize account set up online. This email will also provide you with directions on how to download the IOS and Android versions of Trainerize to your phone.


Once you have set up your online account and installed the app on your phone, you can log into the app and see your workout schedule, stats, access the community, and more. We can help you with set up if need be.

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UFC 90 includes access to our cutting edge meal planning software Evolution Nutrition. Evolution Nutrition can be installed on your phone and accessed at any time. Like Trainerize, once you register for UFC 90, we will enter your email address into our Evolution Nutrition system and send you a link so you can finish your account set up. The email will walk you through the process. Once again, we are happy to help you set things up if you need it.

UFC 90 Marketing Evolution Nutrition


Sweat equity is the non-financial investment, aka time and effort, that people contribute to a project. In this case YOU...are the project and your sweat equity comes in the form of working out, eating healthy, and contributing to the UFC90 community. Sweat Equity Points are points you earn for your hard work and dedication.


There are a lot of ways to score Sweat Equity Points:


10 Points - For every scheduled workout completed in Trainerize (720 points possible)
5 Points - For every extra workout you complete in Trainerize (Max of 15 points per week and a total 180 points possible)
10 Points - For every day you follow the meal plan and click the "Ate It" button for each meal of the day (900 points possible)
2 Points - For every positive, supportive post you make on the community board in Trainerize (Max of 10 points per week and a total of 120 points possible)1 Point - Take a picture of your meal and post it on the community board. You get a point for each meal posted (Max of 15 points per week and a total 180 points possible)


So...what does your hard work get you other than better health and about some really cool free stuff!!!


250 points - $10 Y Gift Certificate
500 points - $25 Y Gift Certificate
1000 Points - $50 Amazon Gift Card
2000 Points - $100 Amazon Gift Card


Y gift certificates can be used to purchase Y merchandise, pay for programs, or can be used toward membership dues.


Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 male and top 3 female participants (based on points). Prizes include some real cool Y swag, free year memberships to Trainerize Platinum and Evolution Nutrition, and more.


Getting started is easy. Give the Y a call at 641-585-5220 or stop by.


Here are some videos to help you navigate Trainerize and Evolution Nutrition.  

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